Having a sale reversal after 3 months

Hi authors,

So today i had a sale reversal, which is always unexpected but it’s ok. The thing is however, is that the sale itself happened 3 months ago.
Here you can see an image detailing the original date of sale, and the reversal date, 3 months in between!!

I’m used to having reversals, and in every time, it happens in a short time span after the original sale. But in this instant, how is it possible that so much time has passed by before the reversal registering? I even had a withdrawal between the two dates!!

This isn’t really a complain, I’m only trying to understand the mechanism that keeps allowing this to happen. And the possible repercussions for it, for authors who don’t appreciate having an unpaid item floating on the internet.

I’ve forgotten whether it’s 90 days or 180 days… but they’re definitely allowed within 90 days.