Having a hard time with quality requirements

So i’m getting reject after reject, trying to learn and improve a least to proove to myself I can have at least one item aprooved and boom: logo with comic sans gets aprooved. A heart based logo recently on the market.(link was removed, was not trying to bash anyone but…owell)

Items like these get aprooved. It’s nothing personal with that author, I just think the logo work looks awful… and how about typography requirements? Comic Sans? For real?
I either do only shit work and can’t appreciate deisgn, or I fail something in the policies/requirements of GraphicRiver, even though I try to follow the instructions from knowledge base.

I’m having a hard time understanding how or what to do/prepare an item for aprooval. Any tips are more than welcome.

it’s a style, old one.
i like it.

hi, i am sorry to say just that but disparaging other people (and their work) is not the way anyway, no matter what. try to think about it, u would like it if someone did the same with u? and as for saying there’s nothing personal, that’s a bit easy and i assume that any guy pointed at would not feel the same and that you would consider this as personal if someone were doing the same with u … .

u said that u are having a hard time, instead of trying to make your hands full out of comparing yourself with some other guys and trying to point at some inconsistencies (when there are truly some but that no one can do anything about it), u should better post your work here and several guys will tell you how they feel about what u’ve created and try to help u to get the next level … that will be better all the way …

however , if a logo with comic sans ms has been approved there’s a major flaw to say the least , as all designers know that using this font for any project is a “don’t”

Yes well, you are right. That’s what I was trying to point out. A lot of people get rejected by reviewers or advised on the forum regarding typography, but then you see a Comic Sans MS logo getting approved.
I’m all in for uniqueness and stuff, but Comic Sans is just not even trying and getting approved. :smile:

All in all, i’m going to try something else, as I feel that logos are way to… complicated when it comes for the quality guidelines or what’s needed at the moment. :slightly_smiling:

there are main issues here , typo is definitely the most major of all, after that there’s the way the logo looks in a very small size, otherwise, the balance between text and illustration

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