have YOUR market rankings on dashboard page ?! :)

On the dashboard page, you can see a little “box” with title Fun Fact, where you can see
your audiojungle, codecanyon etc markets’ rank ( where you activate).

Instead of refreshing the page 10-20 times, until you can see your Audiojungle rank
in the Fun Fact box, because it’s being displayed randomly, and sometimes you get
the fun fact with ranking on Audiojungle, sometimes with Code Canyon etc, sometimes
the ranking in all markets etc. You all know what I’m talking about for sure.

I think Envato should display in special place the rankings on each market you guys
activate, because it’s very important stuff. Anyone should know on each place they
are on Envato, at a glance.

Vote if you like this ideea.


Use filter on the rightside.
I am at Pos.373.

I know.

But what I mean is to have it as a figure / number, right on the Dashboard, near ratings and total sales, for example.

Or have a new option in the author drop-down menu, like "Rankings"
where each of us would have a short ranking description for each markets we’re on.

Me i’m on CodeCanyon and AudioJungle and I would love to have a special separate page on my dashboard,
called Rankings which would clearly show my current rankings on AudioJungle, CodeCanyon and All Envato markets. Would be useful.