Have you seen the "Top new files"?



Yap there are many layers of irony :slight_smile: The more forum posts about this as well, the more authors learn how they can game the system. The more forum posts about the problems with Elements, the more customers hanging around the forum learns about how good deal it is for them and we all to some degree advertise it. Maybe thats why Envato does not want to chime in and calm down the frustrated authors :slight_smile:

To stop rewarding sales number so much would also help with self purchasing/self rating and other destructive copycat behaviour. ADP has made this activity very easy. I’m very grateful for ADP, but it has completely changed the game, while the old search system is the same and does not harmonise.


Yes, if you change one thing, the other stops working. It is necessary to change the system and approach


:laughing: Touché! You have a good turn of phrase André, I always enjoy your posts. They inform very well.


That is totally true and there is a saying for that… “the more you mess with crap the worst it smells” :stuck_out_tongue:


Once the price goes up the “gaming the system” charge could be made. Appalling standards IMHO.


we all saw it coming when ADP were announced though. :slightly_frowning_face:


I always suspected this site was going to eat itself and it seems to have finally happened. It’s just a shame that Envato seems to have ended up hurting the very authors that got them to this place in the market in the first place but I guess that’s hardcore economics for you.


I thought that here they earn money.))) :yum:


+1. “Best Match” should be distributed on the amount of money earned from the new track, and not on the number of sales (because the number of sales “today” means nothing).


Awful. The search system itself pushes the authors to dumping.



Totally agree.


One for the authors and one for Envato.


I believe that a track worths the price if the customer is really interested in it . 15-20$ is not the ruin for nobody.
I’m in music more than 40 years, so I keep my prices, as adviced from the AJ system… and I do that because I think seriously that it worths. And I encourage all authors do the same. :wink:
beers! :beer::beer::beer:


I guess the thing is that buyers know why is price sow low at this time. It is not about the quality but about promotional purposes. They want buy these $5 dollar items before the price goes up. I can hear solid quality music with $5-$10 price even elite authors do so. Yes, i agree that top sellers should be based on revenue only not sales amount.


I think the time is right to leave the marketplace.


It freaks me out everytime. I just did a couple of random searches by genres (folk, indie, percussion, etc.) and there’s basically no music style left that you can’t find a complete page full of 5 bucks items. These guys are definitely putting the last nails in the coffin that Elements meant to AJ.

BTW: If the price dumping goes on like this, soon it will be more profitable to sell pops, dings, dongs, whooshes and other SFX for 3 bucks and no fee rather than keep wasting our times with music, sell it for $5 and get pennies.


I totally agree. Sad future. These authors “kill” the music. This is not the place for them.


Maybe ask AJ to put a mínimum price? I don’t know,… 13… or maybe 15… but a stablished mínimum price could work… other platforms did this…
good luck


This is madness! Low-quality music from authors who do not value their work floods the market, rising to the first position! Does Envato not care about reputation? It is not beneficial to anyone!


I wish it was only low quality music, but no. The 5 bucks dumpster is also quite populated with very well accomplished works from Elite authors too. It’s really sad to see talented succesful composers participate in this madness.