Have to choose one of two identical plugins (extension)

Dear madam/sir
I have two websites https://www.moveindazity.nl/ and https://www.jennieboeijen.nl/ that both use the plugin WP Bakery Page Builder. Now, I have to extend the license BUT only for one site namely https://www.jennieboeijen.nl/
From the dashboard I cannot see which WP Bakery Page Builder belongs to which site I cannot find any code or attached URL. I need to extend (pay for) one and the other not anymore but how can I find out which of the two WP Bakery Page Builder I need to choose to keep https://www.jennieboeijen.nl/ running but not the other site?
Thank you in advance!
Diana (Sasseke)


Item license registration maintained by item author own support systems. So, please contact WP Bakery Page Builder plugin Author and let them know they will help to check and let you know.

Contact WP Bakery Page Builder plugin Author

Also you can check how to contact an author: