Have rejected) Prompt why?)

My track rejected) I will be glad to your advice)

A happy track for recreation and inspiration. Waves, sea, beach, warm sand, and the singing of tropical birds.

The atmosphere of the track gives an unforgettable experience. Sounds like a grand piano, a shaker, a xylophone, claps, a violin.

It fits to your creative ideas: Video, slides, dance, photos.

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What do you think ? why did not he come up? I will listen to any advice)

It’s a production quality issue mostly. The arrangement is probably good enough for approval, nice chords, melodies and xylophone arpeggios, but the piano, for example, sounds too synthetic and has no dynamics, the sliding bass sounds cool, but also a bit synthetic(could pass if the main instruments sound really good probably).

My advice, go spend some time listening to the Children category to hear some successful tracks that are very similar in nature to your track and try to get your piano melodies a bit more realistic for starters, maybe even choose another instrument for the main melodies. Just keep practicing. :slight_smile:


Yep, agree with @ToneCrate - composition is on the right track but the programming/sample choices sound pretty fake/robotic. Get a more realistic vibe happening and you’ll be accepted for sure.

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Thank you so much). Your comment is very important to me!!! :slight_smile: