Have not received payment via Paypal for Elements account

Currently, I have not received payment via Paypal for Elements account with Jan’s earning. Is it normal for now ?!
Please Advices

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You mean “Elements” (not elementor).

I got my earnings on PayPal this morning from Elements - all was fine for me.

I have not received payment on Payoneer, i’m waiting

yes, Elements…but i still have not received it yet. is it normally for now?

I guess something is not normal, @BenLeong can you take a look at this thread?

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I had never any payments problems with Envato (on MarketPlaces and/or on Elements).

From here: https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/11562121974041-Setting-Your-Elements-Payout-Method

You’ll still be paid on the 16th of each month, if you have earned more than the minimum payment threshold of $50.

Have you earned more than $50? Maybe that is the reason?

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I got the market payment, Element payment method same as last month no issues last month, there is something abnormal in this delay right now


surely, its more than $50. should i contact to envato support for this?!

I think it should wait until I get an opinion from @BenLeong

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It looks like there are more Authors with same problem (reported 5-6h ago):


Envato sent the payment to payoneer.

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I have not received PayPal payments for months. I keep getting “Payment Failure” with no explanation. I’ve checked my PayPal details and they’re fine. I have had payments from other agencies to that PayPal account. No getting any help from support. I’ve been over the $50 threshold for months.

When I go the Payment Method page it shows nothing selected. If I select PayPal then close the browser, I get an email confirmation that I’m all set up. If I return to the Payment Method page it shows nothing selected again. Is there suppose to be a save button, or is the website so bad that it just doesn’t display the current method?

Did you sell more than $50? Otherwise you won’t get payment.

Surely, .tks a lot for your mess…also, problem was solved.

I received a payment from Envato (photodune), but did not receive it from Elements. Paypal payment system

Same here, also haven’t received January’s earnings

Thanks, this is helpful