have available Discounting Tool for newly published items ?

I think, have not available Discounting Tool for newly published items according to item discount and promotional pricing guidelines here. .

But, Here, I have realized. has been apply discount on one new item. which is release one day ago.

How it’s possible? @steve_lam @BenLeong

HomePage Screenshot:

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Hi @HarnishDesign. Well spotted! That shouldn’t be happening.

This looks like an anomaly, as the Author Discounting Tool shouldn’t be available for an item until at least 30 days after a new item is released. Our developers are currently looking into it, to find why this has happened.

The author of that item does appear to be following our promotional pricing guidelines, clearly identifying their current pricing as an introductory price, and not a sale. It looks like the fault for this one lies with our systems - I’ll post back in this forum topic with more details, once we know more.

Thanks for letting us know!

Hi, @BenLeong We think, There, has not been sort out this bug. It is still. also, We realized. this is happens only in wordpress category. have some of other new items in discount. one of below.

We think, You have need to sort out as soon as possible this.