Have a look on my rejected flyer today

Hello after 7 days waiting from Graphicriver today I got rejected on my flyer with no reason i don’t know why actually let me explain to you
1- First of all I used 4 different models in this flyer and all of them cutted by pen tool very clean cutting.
2- all layers in this flyer are organized and colored in groups to be easy for the customer to use
3- nothing from the text under 6pt all the text is more than 6pt as Graphicriver mentioned this
4- by the way the models from shutterstock
can anyone explain to me why i got rejected on my flyer after more than 5 hours working on this flyer and and waiting for 7 days after all this I got rejected for no reason at all… !!!

hi buddy, indeed if u ask me there are several reasons fro the rejection , let me explain
1- global style
actually the style is rather plain and once u have taken out the models from here , actually there is nothing much left, in my view (see point 2). I assume that this is something worth considering as regard to the saturation of the market. Maybe a few years ago this one could have made it, but if u bring something a bit simple, in most cases, especially as minimalistic styles have been widely favored, there will be something quite looking alike what u have done …
2- commercial potential
what i explained within point 1 basically means a decreasing commercial potential for the item and this decreased chances to have the reviewer accepting the file. Pls see point 3
3- background
as for me i tend to consider that u need to bring more work and more graphic design to the table as far as the background goes , it will help not only to make tour design look more unique ,but also for it to look visually more attractive and worked out
4- coherence
i assume that this is a creative choice, but however , i do not feel really convincing to have a collection of yellow glows like this when nothing is really explaining why this is there … not to mention that this is rather making fighters less visible , when i assume that someone organizing such an event would like boxers to be valued, identify and so on so that they can sell the event, pls also see the next point
5- titles
for me there is an issue with the main title as this is really expected to have it outstanding , having an impact , to look punchy and , at this stage, this is not really what u are having. Besides, we can question the fact of having two bouts being valued like this rather than the event, as this is decreasing the commercial potential of the item unless people buying the flyer properly edit it … i can understand that u and people may value two fights for instance but what about the name of the event and so on?
6- global organization
as for me what i notice right now this is a miss balance between edges and the rest , i mean a strip in both sides where is nothing but very plain background and the central axis that is really crammed comparatively , especially as regard to to the fact that u do not have the same “stripes” on the upper and lower parts too …
7- finition, indeed, i believe that introducing some shadows behind boxers would help to not only make them look more valued and punchy but also for the composition to look more realistic as well
8- additional information
for me one of the main issues is that there is basically no space for the buyer to put any additional information here …
9- color combinations
for me despite the colorful context globally, and despite i understand what u intended to do, some of the colors that u associated are not working so well and i assume that working with complementary colors, or shades of the same range of color would have been bringing more harmony to the table indeed