Has there been an issue lately with buyers paying for a track and not getting it?

I got a message on Friday from an interested buyer who wanted to buy my track but not off of AudioJungle because in his words he said “it is not a secure payment gateway” and I said i dont know what that means and he referred me to this site where there is a lot of bad reviews about Envato - https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/market.envato.com?rating=1
(btw i love Envato and am only posting this link because this is what the buyer sent me.)

I personally have never had any issues with buyers before and I told him that everything will be fine and he can buy my track and he said he did but the page got stuck and he is very frustrated. I also did not see any sale processed on my end.

So is this a scam? Anybody else experiencing something like this?


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Just. Wow. Never came across a site with that many bad reviews…
Never heard of issues like that myself, but if this is the opinion actual buyers have, it’s not surprising anymore why sales are going down the way they do…