Has Halloween been cancelled this year?

I realise that Halloween 2018 will be released next year but my hope for Halloween music this year has been a complete wipeout this year. Has anyone sold much in the form of Halloween related music, mine has been very small.

Sold a few of mine from a couple years ago. Not as much as the year they were released on, but more than last year.

Not much for me. I uploaded a handful of new Halloween tracks over the last month or 2, and only have had 3 sales so far.

Maybe we shall have some luck in the lead up to Halloween this week - if the search engine allows it.

Indeed! Honestly, I get more return from making Halloween music than from selling it. :ghost: Christmas is a better bottom-line payback for me :christmas_tree:

Wishing you a Merry Halloween and a Happy New Sales week.

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And to you, good sir…Deck the Halls with Spooky Sales!

and Ghostly Holly, Tra La La La La…

Yeah it’s bad… :slight_smile:

I’ve definitely had a lot of Halloween related sound effects sales.