Has anyone received out of ordinary emails from 'Envato' Creators?

I just received an email over the weekend suggesting that an Envato creator is conducting a survey and would like my input. In exchange, this creator would provide me with $30 to use.

Since I can’t attach a screenshot, I will copy and paste the email below. It used to be easy to spot scam emails, however, with grammar assistance from Grammarly, and AI writing letters, resumes, songs, and website code, it’s getting a little more challenging to spot the fake from the real just by reading the text (it’s usually in broken English).

[Envato Logo]

Hi Digital Chica,

My name is Reni and I’m a Product Designer at Envato. We are working on some new concepts and I’m hoping to get your feedback to ensure we meet our users’ needs.

If you’re interested in sharing your feedback, it should only take 10 minutes and you’ll receive $30.00 via choice of dozens of digital gift cards as a thank you.
Click the button below to get started!

Please note you can provide feedback at your convenience, but the final entry must be submitted by the deadline below.

Time: 10 minutes
Incentive: $30.00 via choice of dozens of digital gift cards
Deadline: May 09, 2023
Technical and device requirements: Computer


[Envato Logo]

Almost certainly spam - I can’t see envato paying odd amounts esp via a choice of gift methods.

@KingDog @BenLeong

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Heya! I asked Reni and it’s legit. They’re running a user test :grin:


Hi @KingDog - I would be happy to assist on the test and $30 would be cool LOL

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