Has anyone here gotten a hard reject of an item and the later accepted?

Hello, everyone. I just submitted another one of my item and it was hard rejected with no reason in the email. I want to know if it is futile to try to work on this same item in order to try to get it accepted or I should just move on. Also I want to ask if the thumbnail or preview item I used for the application matters in the review process. I am asking because I had to compress the image to meet the size 8080 and 590300 and I think that reduced the qualities of the images. Could that be a reason why I was rejected?

Standalone, it’s not a reason for a rejection ( it’d be a soft rejection and you will be asked to replace the images )

It’s probably not good enough to be on sale on the marketplace. You need to improve the item if you’d like to work on the same idea/item but usually it won’t work. Better to start a new project

Okay thanks. Another thing I noticed was that the demo link was down some time later after I submitted. but now its up and running. and I also forgot to include a direct documentation link in the main file zip

You’d be informed about the demo site as well as documentation. This is not the reason.

If you want to get suggestions about hard rejection, you can show your demo here. Then the experts here can suggest what can be the reason for hard rejection?

The item I submitted has been rejected but I don’t understand the reason for the rejection, can you please help me improve the item :

Website Demo link : https://dorosk.tabibfinder.com
Admin Panel Demo link : https://dorosk.tabibfinder.com/admin
Login Details for admin :
username: admin
Password: 123

Login Details for author :
username: author
Password: 1234

I can only see it on a mobile where there are issues with stretched images, but generally it looks completely unfinished and both the design, UI, and features/functionality need a lot of work especially in such a competitive category

I made a great effort, and it is compatible with the mobile phone

Moving to your own thread


These are the credentials for the demo link
Email: superadmin@demo.com
Password: Demo12345

Email: admin@demo.com
Password: Demo12345

Email: user@demo.com
Password: Demo12345

I just posted my demo link

Your UI is very basic. You should follow modern design.

cool thanks

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