Has anyone had trouble getting you're theme loaded because you have shopify for a host?

I was just notified that I can use any other host except shopify. Has anyone else ran into that problem. I paid $5o for them to install the theme and now they are telling me I need any other host except shopify when shopify is one of the easiest and best host companies out there… If anyone else has had this problem how did you resolve it. I can’t even find the page to enter a dispute. VERY well hidden!!!

Is the item you bought a Shopify theme?

I purchased an upgraded shopify theme that is supposed to work fine with

I’d double check with the theme author if it should work (as standard) with the Shopify hosting.

Thanks Charlie. I have no idea what that means but maybe he can tell me.
Thanks again.

I’m not hugely familar with shopify but I would expect themes from here in that category to work with the shopify hosting and set ups without issue.

As I don’t know the theme you have bought or the details of your hosting it is hard to judge for sure but the author knows more than anyone and if you share the issue with them then they should at least be able to clarify what you need to do.