Has anybody moved his tracks from AdRev to Identify? Or has two CID partners?

I am in the process too, as AdRev stopped finding my tracks and only reports income from the old, already established videos. Super weird as I had to claim some videos myself (after finding them, super weirdly) and those videos ended giving me a huge income, the biggest I ever had in AdRev. So it was obvious to me that they don’t care about my new tracks.
Looks like Identifyy is making a move for new authors, I am willing to take the risk and try their service

I’m moving all my tracks from AdRev to Identifyy. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Little update:

I have registered with Identifyy/Haawk my newest tracks and transferred from AdRev few older tracks, including one bestseller with +2000 sales in total (though many my clients used versions shorter than 30 sec so they are not matched by CID). I did it at the beginning of February and I did not get any complaints so far. I do not have reports yet and I do not know how big my earnings will be BUT identifyy/Haawk has found way more videos than AdRev in the last year or two, including some obvious uses without proper license and other which can generate me PRO royalties. So I decided that I will transfer there the rest of my portfolio because it looks very promising, even though I still do not have official reports. I have nothing to loose in fact! I will get you know how it looks when I’ll get a first official report in the following months.

I recommend to wait till me and other authors get official reports but if you want to register or transfer your tracks with Identifyy right now, you can write me a private message so I can give you hint or two, especially if you have many sales :slight_smile:


Zarejestrowałeś w Identifyy też alternatywne wersje utworu (np: 15 sekund), czy tylko wersje pełną?Ostatnio dostałem odpowiedz od identifyy

chyba nie zrozumieli pytania

@nolyrics English only please.

I have uploaded all versions without watermark (even though those under 30sec are not used by CID now).

Hey guys! Thanks to you all for sharing such valuable info on these platforms, and specially to @RedOctopus, @PurpleFog and @WavebeatsMusic who have been sharing their insights and data assisting others thoroughly for quite some time now.

So, I’m considering joining Identifyy in the upcoming days with around 50 tracks to start with to kinda test the waters. I already contacted them with a few concerns but it would be great to have the insights of fellow authors who are using the platform already. A few specific questions:

  1. Does the service have any cost for us authors? Any idea on how the eventual revenue is split?
  2. Is it actually a good idea to upload 50-60 good selling tracks at first stage or should I upload my complete catalogue all at once?
  3. When should I expect the first reports and eventually see any income?
  4. Do you have any hints or tips on the top of your mind for newcomers?

Thanks in advance mates!

  1. 70-30 split
  2. idk
  3. i got mine in about 4 months from upload
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Hey @WormwoodMusic,

  1. The service is free to use, though of course, they take a cut of the ad revenue your items generate. The 70-30 split is more expensive than the 80-20 deal that AdRev offers, but they seem to be much more efficient in finding videos and issuing claims.

  2. I understand why you would be more comfortable testing the water first, but I don’t think it serves any actual purpose. Having music published that’s not ContentID registered is dangerous, however. So, I would advise you to protect your assets as soon as possible.

  3. I recently made the switch, so I don’t have any reports yet. But four months sounds about right, when compared with my experience with AdRev.

  4. Have a pdf file in your zip, that explains how to clear claims, with links to the Identifyy “unclaim” form. This will help your buyers not fell like they were taken by surprise and decreases their “annoyance”.


Hey @PurpleFog!

Huge thanks for such a detailed answer! About 1, 2, and 3, clear as water! I’ll follow your advice and register as many tracks as I can.

About point 4.: Most of my best selling tracks are from 2016, 2017 and 2018 (oh, happy days) so even if I update the zip files one by one with a PDF, previous buyers might get an unexpected claim. I guess in that eventuality I’ll just have to kindly and politely supply support and guide them through the clearance process, right?

I’ll check Identifyy’s website to see how the unclaiming process works.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

En español, que me es más cómodo, fácil y rápido (y a veces lo echo de menos aquí :slight_smile: )
Pagan cuatro veces al año.
Los reportes son trimestrales, por ejemplo. 1 Octubre-31 Diciembre, se paga el 30 de abril.

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Graciassss! :slight_smile:

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De nada. :joy:

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A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I have received preliminary report for a February and my test tracks which I have transferred to Identifyy. They have found WAY MORE videos than AdRev. Numbers are incomparable, earnings as well. I am just in the process of transferring my whole portfolio. This is all I can say for now but it looks VERY promising for me.

If you want to register tracks with them, PM me so I can give you some hints or simply help with transfer, especially if you have many sales.


February? The last i got is from OCt-Dec 2019.

Like I said, it was preliminary report because I have been testing the transfer and they kindly send me this not official report.



I have asked the Identifyy support about transfering tracks from AdRev to Identifyy. They answered, that I only need to upload tracks to Identifyy, after aproval they do the rest. No need to delete tracks from AdRev. All AdRev claims will transfer to Identifyy with music tracks.

P.S. Identifyy really works unlike AdRev. I thought my music not used without purchased licenses, but Identifyy have found 2000 videos only in December. I’m impressed.


Just made the jump to Identifyy with a warm welcome from the team. I’ll update this thread with my experiences soon. Keen to see how it all goes :slight_smile:

Hey guys! To those who made the jump recently, like @florews or @AurusAudio, did you guys added a “Copyright Claim Clearance Guide” PDF, explanation, customer support or something like that in every single one of your previous ZIP files?

Thx in advance! :slight_smile:

No, I hadn’t. But I’ve been with AdRev for 2 years now and I barely had any problems with angry / confused customers. I suppose it would be the optimal solution, but manually uploading every single zip is incredibly time consuming :laughing:

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Exactly! I mean, I will sure provide a support doc from now on but the retroactive progress will definitely take a while. Thanks a lot for the ultra swift reply! :slight_smile:

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