harsh review!!!

i bought this theme before and i love it they have excellent support also, and now while passing by just crossed the review section and sow this 1 star review and accusing buyers to be fake, i wished if there is button to vote as falls review, thats not cool at all.

You need to contact envato and ask to remove review based on facts.

im just buyer, but i bought this theme before i know how its work and customer support are very good, i just want something like (was this review helpful) question or something that we can vote, this review is bad for item sale, i just felt bad for the item author.

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Sometimes it’s not fair, but this needs to be a decision from the author to have the preview removed, so he needs to contact Envato and request the removal.

@khalid123456 I really wish all the buyers will be like you!!! You’re simply very nice & awesome!

@TheRubikThemes thanks man xd
:joy::joy::joy: its funny consequences last week i send your demo link http://swlabs.co/demo/?theme=transera-wp
to some Logistics Transportation companies and asked them if they want web like this :rofl:

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Yes, I am willing to give assistance if you have any presale questions!

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