Hardware Synthesizers



Hi everybody,

I might need to buy a synthesizer for live music. I am looking for something with integrated keyboard 61 keys, no more no less. For practical reasons I’d go hardware…i’d rather ‘plug and play’, once in a while: no drivers, soundcards, sequencers and operating systems.

I was thinking of Yamaha MX61 V2 or Nord Lead A1, I would use pads most of the time.

Any suggestions please? :smiley:

Best regards


Hi @MagicStockSound, I think it depends on the music genre. The Nord Lead A1 ist a more “real” synthesizer and primarily suitable for edm, while the Yamaha MX61 is more a samplebased keyboard, with 1000 great presets of the motif xs. Since the grand piano of that sounds really great I would prefer the yamaha, and it’s also half the price than the Nord Lead :slight_smile:


Hi FOXYAudio,

thanks for your reply.

Yes, Yamaha MX61 is half the price…this morning I listened to a few demonstrations and it sounded very good. I would use pads mainly…do you remember the old Albino plug-in by Rob Papen? Just to get the idea of the pads I am after. :smiley:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: of course I do, the sound and opportunities were outstanding. Loved it!


Yep…it was great! :slight_smile:


Yamaha pads are some of the best. I don’t buy HW synths anymore because “in the box production” is such a treat. However, my last of many synths, and favorite, is the Yamaha ES6. Many great sounds…and the pads are excellent. I don’t think you can go wrong with the MX61. Those sounds are a couple generations newer than what I have. Just to be fair, you might compare that with a comparable Roland synth. They have excellent pads as well. Good luck!


I am more of a Roland dude, not so much of Yamaha. But if I had to choose between MX61 and Nord lead 1, and I had the money :wink:, I would go with Nord Lead :smiley:


I have been using Yamaha Mx61 now. It’s like a toy for rehearsal and small gigs. If you need something like a general sound module and a little bit synthesizes sound, that’s it. If you need only synthesizes sound and sound design yourself, Nord lead a1 is what you need. Of course, Nord lead a1 is more expensive than mx61.


I see what you say…trust me: the last time I played my old classical guitar I was disappointed I didn’t have to keyswitch between staccato and sustained. :joy:


Thank you all for your replies! I see that Nord Lead a1 gives more options and it’s worth the money…I also see that Yamaha MX61 have good sounds and it might be sufficient. I will think it over! :slight_smile: