Hardrejected within hours after submission / OnlyFans style social network script

It was just 6 hours ago, when i finished my PHP script which took countless sleepless nights to code beside my day job. When i hit the submit button, i was relieved, i finally finished the script, documentation and graphics for listing, then went to sleep at 2:30AM.

Woke up 7am, and right away checked my inbox, there was waiting me “soft rejection”, i had missed the demo url field, but rightaway fixed the problem.

Few minutes went by and another message popped up in inbox.

“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “TrueFans - Paid Content Social Media Platform” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

My heart sank to the heel, all this time wasted for nothing. And they are not even bothering to give an detailed description why it was decided that way, other than a broad default answer.

Maybe someone could try and give me some feedback on my script, what i can do better next time?

Demo link
User: admin@webster.ee
Password: admin

Some mentionable features should be:

  • Upload post, add filter to it (35 total filters available)
  • Upload multiple photos in single post.
  • Infinte scrolling feed
  • Great UI, works good on mobile devices
  • 11 languages out of the box
  • And many other features.

Hello @Pandicted.

It seems that your work wasn’t in vain.
After all it wasn’t an Hard Rejected item. It’s only a Soft Reject, which you can solve just by adding more content, or features.
Also upgrading your documentation might be helpfull.
See if you can manage that, because we will need to make the same upgrades in one of our own soft rejected item.
Maybe you could help us with your thoughts.

Preview Version:

Tests Version:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Best regards.

It was definitely hard rejected, the item was deleted from “Hidden items” and i cannot edit it anymore.
As they said “you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”

We had our script also removed from hidden items… This was strange.
We also took an year to end this project, and it really is painfull :disappointed_relieved:

We also need some apreciation on our work, and can’t remember what to add more to the project… :stuck_out_tongue:

It is strange, i have had multiple items on CodeCanyon in several years, and this time when i put the most effort into it, it gets rejected. Could it be rogue or incompentet reviewer?
I have had other feedback, and everyone loved it.

Maybe that’s not the reason @Pandicted .
I believe that this are new orders from the new Envato board.
As you know now there is a new CEO from our market, and with this ideas, and strategies change.
Also with the huge number of files coming in, they try to be more selective and which files are uploaded.
I believe they want to maintain the quality and service. Due to this who cannot keep up the latest trends won’t be accepted. Which i agree. We should keep up the trends. But like you we’ve started to build up a script during 1 year, and the trends tend to change. And now we are the sacrificed one that need to get our hand all over the project again and try to refurbish them into the new standards.
It really sucks and It’s frustrating for authors.

Best regards, and I hope you can manage to get your projects accepted.

I guess it’s related with the category of your script, OnlyFans is often related with adult content and I think this is why envato strongly rejects anything connected with it.

Can’'t be the case, there are few similar items accepted already.