Hard Rock Track Was Rejected (Need Feedback)

Hello guys🙋, My item has been rejected with “doesn’t meet AJ commercial standard” warning again and I don’t know whether it is really bad at arrangement, mixing or mastering. Pls give me your honest feedback. It would be appreciated!. Thanks

The intro sounds weird.
You need to work more in the mix and mastering.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen and comment on my track. I’ll do as you suggest.

Hey man, have you had tracks approved in AJ? I have very bad news here for you. The tracks have too much wet effects, the mix is destroyed completely. The guitar has 200% chorus - vibrato etc. Are you trying to figure new ways to mix? Or are you a totally new to this composing thing? No hard feelings, but this needs a lot of care to get through. Mostly because of bad mixing, try to give the channels without FX to someone to mix them, and learn. Music could be OK but mixing is the problem!

Hey mate 🙋, thanks for stopping by to inform very bad news here. I take it as very good news.
I’m new to mixing things but I don’t use vibrato nor chorus fx though I suspect in the outro it could be perfect fifth harmonic that wasn’t panned so that made the guitar sound like 200% chorus. Also the lead guitar tracks have doubling fx set around 10 to 15ms. Well it seems like I have to work more on the mix though.

Hello! I have good monitor speakers! You sound so wide as it is impossible. You should listen to reference rock to begin with to understand how to mix.

Hey mate 🙋. Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment on my track. What do you mean by so wide?. Is it the stereo image issue?.

Hello! Yes. Problem with strereo

In my opinion the track sounds like it’s been a little slowed down or something, like it has digital artifacts from pitch or time altering… Don’t give up though, It really sounds like you’re close to what they’re looking for here. Best of luck to you on your future submissions!

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How much experience you have? What listening enviroment you do these mixes on? Is it acoustically sounding good? If you are a beginner, learn from others, and I will say it again, send all your channels without effects to someone experienced, you can send them to me if you like, and hear the result, mixing and aesthetics of mix is the problem here! Maybe as LonelySeaProductions says, it might have some pitching artifacts too, but 99% the mix is horrible…sorry man. Let me know… If you want send me the tracks with wetransfer to me and I will try to help you.

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What a great author in a great community!. Thanks Pandocrator for the offer, you’re very helpful to me, I really appreciate it.

It’s been three months since I’ve made this rejected track. So far I feel much better, I have upgraded some equipment and written about 12 tracks that aren’t mixed yet.

I talked to an audio engineer as well and he wanted me to rearrange with their equipment. Yeah alright it’s a good idea but I’ll do it later.

I have a medium room acoustic treatment to stick with, it’s not excellent but good enough imo. I believe that if my track is bad the problem is on the mix. Thanks again for your kindness, mate. I wish you all the best!

Hey Lonelyseaproductions. I don’t know which instruments and what made pitching artifacts but I’ll check it out to understand my mistake.

Thanks for the words of encouragement mate, really need that atm. Best of luck to you too!

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