Hard rejects - Considerations by a level 8 Elite author

Hello everyone,
A month ago, I had a bestseller rated 5 stars that I wanted to convert in a 4k version.
I decided to completely review its animation system to improve it, I also worked on the colors, the rhythm…
I spent several days to give life to this new version, and to avoid duplicates, I deleted the bestseller from my portfolio.

When uploading the new item, I explained everything in the “information for the reviewer” section.
But only after two or three hours… Yes, only after a very short time… Hard rejected!


On Videohive, there was a time when you could know which reviewer had hard rejected your item. And in my case, hard rejections came from a particular reviewer.
This unfortunate and repeated situation was not surprising coming from him, because seeing his portfolio, I understood that we do not have the same tastes, not the same sense of rhythm and colors, not the same approach.

I have the feeling that things have not changed, and once again, my work is eliminated for purely subjective reasons and personal tastes… Come on! This item is based on a bestseller rated 5 stars! Buyers liked this item! This attitude is not professional at all!

In short, what should I do now?

In addition, I would like to use this opportunity to talk about the following:
I have started to improve another item of my portfolio, by designing some better animations and colors, in order to re-upload it also in a 4K version. But given the situation, it may be better for me to forget it, no? Life is too short to waste time stupidly.
If a reviewer happens to read this, he can give me his opinion: fast hard reject without hesitation too for this work in progress?

Videohive is a great place, but from the beginning of my adventure here, these repeated, subjective and unjustified rejections sterilize my motivation to work on new items.

Maybe you uploaded the first version, when the stomp projects just began to gain popularity. Now it’s more difficult to get approved of a stomp opener, as there are too many similar items. Sorry but your project looks like a hundreds other projects on Envato. Nothing spesial.
Why you just have not updated the first version?

Hi, Romlam,
I understand that you may not be sensitive to the same things as me, but really, you feel that hundreds of templates are similar to this one? Can you give me links to examples? I tried to search but did not find.

Whaaaat? Sorry, but it sounds strange.
Just write «Stomp Opener», «Stomp Slideshow», «Typography Opener», «Typography Slideshow», «Dynamic Opener», etc in the search bar

I just did it.
I see indeed a number of projects, some are very good. But most of them seem different from each other, there is an important diversity. I do not see a template like mine.

«I do not see a template like mine» That’s the problem. We are talking about similar projects now. Not about identical. Of course your project seems unique to you, because you did it. But for the buyer and the reviewer they are the same. Try to look at it globally and from another angle

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“But for the buyer and the reviewer they are the same.” But the same as what? When I write your research, I just see hundreds of very differents projects.
There are infinite and often very interesting variants for the buyer. I propose an additional variant.
But if for you, vanilla, caramel and chocolate are the same thing because they are all sweet desserts, I understand that we can not agree.

I just write what I see. You don’t agree with me. Ok. As you wish. So there is no point in continuing our conversation. Good luck :wink:

Realistically, your project looks a lot like the other “stomp”, “dynamic” … openers flooding videohive now. I see the template the same way as Romlam and the reviewer has seen it this way also. Your project is cool but there are way too many similar projects like it now. And being a level 8 or level 2 author doesn’t matter for your current submission. Personally, I am a level 2 author and on my last submitted item I got back an approval email with these words from the reviewer “Thanks for the high quality submission. Keep up the awesome work!”.
Do not take our critisism personally. Learn from this and you will come back stronger, mate. :slight_smile: I wish you all the best.

Thank you Rafidola :slight_smile:
I hear your point of view, but I find it really unsuited to buyers’ expectations. And if the reviewer agrees with you, I find it distressing. How many thousands of dollars and hours of work have been put in the trash because of this kind of consideration?

There was once an author here who wanted to do “something really new”. He made a template where there was an astronaut, a cow, a space shuttle, that kind of stuff.
His item, of course, has been validated. Well done mate! Very original work! … Is it necessary for me to tell you that the economic success of his item was a complete failure?

I love to work to be useful to buyers and meet their needs. That’s what I call doing a good job. But if it is necessary that I take my head to respond to the reviewer’s jaded eyes, it is counterproductive.