Hard rejections with generic reviews

Hard rejections with generic reviews not helps, as i understand from forums not only new designer also experienced designer confused about it.
Hope envato some days understand about it and gives one more minute to show direction for improvement items.

It’s been discussed thousands of times and again of course it would be good to see things improved on this, but:

  1. authors are already upset by delays and trying to provide actionable feedback on every file would take up an unrealistic amount of time plus in a vast % of cases not actually resolve the problem.

  2. We see in these forums many rejected files and envato themselves have even said that one challenge they have is that a huge % of submissions are nowhere close to the standard (not to mention in a number of worrying cases ripped from others).

  3. If reviewers took the time to explain that typography or hierarchy etc. is not good enough – how many
    of the authors of hard rejected files would actually have the skillset and ability to interpret, understand and execute proper resolution to fix it?

If they did (in their mind) fix things and then were rejected again because it was still not good enough in the reviewer’s mind, would this not cause further problems and upset?

Surely if they understood best practice in these areas then they would have implemented it in the first place?

I get that it is frustrating but as with everything here envato will never be able to please everyone and what they do seems to be the best option.

I understand all this point and i understand Envato doesn’t need to please us and we don’t need to please Enveto but we need to try to understand each other.
I understand it’s been discussed thousands of times as you said but:
If we still discuss it means all the explanations are not good enough.

I am not telling some thing bad, i am showing to direction where should Enveto improve service. At least please if you are asking for minimum technical design requirements, list them somewhere.

Don’t take it wrong , you ask me to improve myself and i am asking you to do same thing .

I do see you point and not sure it is about authors or envato pleasing one another - simply realistic capabilities.

Even if envato hired a ton more reviewers, according to feedback they get into the hundreds of thousands of submissions a month - 70% of which are hard rejected. Replying to even half of those is not feasible without a crazy number of staff especially in light of probably only a small % actually helping to drive approval.

As far as requirements and guidelines go - these could be improved, however in a marketplace with millions of files then a “one size fits all” list is not going to be achievable. Generally speaking if a file is designed with best practice in mind then it has a good chance of approval.

Not meaning to be harsh and not aimed at any one individual but as an author on a “pro/premium marketpalce” it’s fair to expect them to understand these principals.

Again I do see why changing this would be beneficial but am simply trying to add a bigger picture perspective as to why things work the way they do.