hard rejections need feedback please !!



Hello everyone i really feel so confusing this days i keep getting hard reject on my tracks until this moment 8 tracks (different style) is got rejected is it really hard nowadays to get approved in your tracks why envato is make it more difficult for us we spend a lot of time working on those tracks !!

here is some of the tracks that got rejected i would love your feedback guys of what you think the reason of rejection ??

would appreciate it guys !!


Wish I could help you out! They both sound pretty good to me. I don’t really know a great deal about these genres however. One thing I would mention is that maybe the high-end is just a tiny bit harsh, but I think that’s nitpicking…


thanks man I appreciate ur time :slight_smile: hopefully someone who produce kinda style will help because I got really confusing !! Good luck :+1:t5:


For the Fashion Indie Summer House Event I agree with Robert as for the high-end a little harsh, at least to my ears and with my speakers… but honestly that’s not a big flaw… and by the way the reviewer should have said: “please calm down the high end and re-submit”. Overall I can’t see any other problems… yes it could be more dynamic and less fake, but again I’m not so sure about the importance of a track like this to have a more dynamic range and feeling: it’s not a track for a storytelling video, it’s meant to be solid (and sort of boring…). I feel lately it depends on whether the reviewer has woke up with the right foot or not :slight_smile: otherwise why should this track of mine has approved and your not?? https://audiojungle.net/item/summer-fashion-house/21779160


hello dear dave i heard your track and its really nice vibes! i will try to edit the things which you and robert mentioned thanks for your feedback hopfully will choose the right time to resubmit :slight_smile: