Hard Rejection

Below is the running application, I have provided the below details in the input where it said Message to the Reviewer. The application is hard rejected, not sure what I need to improve or fix, please provide some valuable feedback. @charlie4282 @123Simples

URL: http://codecanyondev-001-site1.atempurl.com/
Email: admin@gmail.com
Password: Nepal@123


In the UK it is now 8.12pm, so I will happily have a look tomorrow for you my friend. If an item is hard rejected, then unless you make significant changes, it is unlikely to get through the approval process later on. BUT I WILL LOOK at it tomorrow, and give you honest feedback which hopefully might help.


Okay just looked briefly now - initial thoughts are it is not premium quality for the marketplace. Having said that it works, and yes for people perhaps looking for a simple invoice billing system it might fit their needs.

I will recheck tomorrow :slight_smile:

Thankyou for giving a time, i am new to this and this is my first time to upload project in this platform.


The script is just too basic for sale on the platform - there are other invoicing/billing scripts which you should look at:

255 of them, and if you look at those demos then compare them to what you have done, then you will see how much you need to work and improve on the script.

Additionally, assuming you just recently submitted this item, then I would expect to see the footer copyright saying 2023 and not 2019 which to me just shows lack of care Alex