Hard rejection

Hey everyone.
I feel devastated for rejection after a month of work on a nuxt tailwind theme for a digital agency.

It has a design system, pixel perfect and follows the guideline as far as I am aware. Please help me with feedback since I got no reason why they hard rejected me.

Thank you and best

With respect there’s nothing especially new or unique here that can’t be found in hundreds of existing templates

The portfolio items, and all footer nav go to broken pages, and the blog does not appear to be functional or offer post pages

@followjackdev - sadly I also echo @charlie4282 comments.

To add (on a desktop PC) this is what I see:

  1. Images/photos not clear and distorted because they are too small;
  2. Footer links should just be # and not go to dead links;
  3. The only 2 footer links working are the terms and privacy

Okay so you spent a month on it, but instead of being devastated think of this as a “learning curve”. If you had spent years on it then I would be devastated for you too :wink:

Have another go, put into place the changes @charlie4282 has suggested, and make it better!

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The Info above from @123Simples is important but not as important as extending the features and functionality to add more uniqueness and value. Small tweaks alone will not be enough

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