Hard Rejection.

Guess adhering to proper WordPress development standards isn’t good enough. Nothing has changed regarding theme bloat I suppose. Any constructive opinions are appreciated.

You can’t be an exclusive author and sell a theme on two marketplaces.

That aside it’s ok but there is definitely considerable work needed with the typography and hierarchy

I’m aware and uploaded it elsewhere after the fact. They rejected it and quit giving responses like they used to, 5 years ago.

I am not an author so can’t really comment but while it’s for sale elsewhere and you are an exclusive author - then it won’t be approved here

Either way the typography on the posts on the homepage lack styling https://sandbox.mlathemes.com/mindseye/ and then throughout posts like this https://sandbox.mlathemes.com/mindseye/2018/11/03/block-gallery/ the font hierarchy is wrong, line-heights could be improved etc.

You’re not comprehending. I submitted it here first. A hard rejection apparently can’t be resubmitted. Time to move on.