Hard rejection! What do you think?

Just got a hard rejection for my Ghost theme.

Demo: http://gouna.aspirethemes.com/

What do you think and what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks and I really appreciate all of your feedback!

  1. Typography without creativity
  2. Nothing interesting for customer
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Thank you!

  1. I use the default system fonts, I think I should use something different and do more work on this.
  2. What do you think of things to make it interesting for the customer?

Thanks again!

  1. You can use system fonts but You must play with visual hierarchy of them: line-height, font-weight,font-size etc.
  2. Sorry but it’s impossible to say, look at other themes and create something Yours.

Thank you!

Hi @aspirethemes the font combination need more work also , minimze the text at heading too much

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Hi, it is a good start, but you just leave too many blank at header ,also the blog look a little bit simple ,and some more animation will make it better . The whole theme should have some points which can surprise the customers.

Hope you could make a better one ! Fighting !

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Thank you so much, yes, started working on the typography part.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Yes, you are right and I started working on a new version …