Hard Rejection - UI Wireframe Template | Feedback pls

Hello, I just wanted to share our brand new UI Wireframe Template that got hard rejected because of quality issues. I did so much research about the qualification and I think that I got a rejection because of a lack of documentation. So for a new submission, I’ll create comprehensive documentation. I wonder if I have any further issues except this problem. So can you please share your thought? And I wonder if I can submit another work with the same brand name? I couldn’t find a related answer to this issue.
Button structure and its appearance:

Cards and other elements:

We have always used the bootstrap XXL layout, but we have specified how it will be according to other dimensions in the file. Is this a problem?

And samples from pages:

Show me your item jpg with images and designs more clearly

Hello, sure. I’ll add them below some images from the product.


While your UI kit is mostly consistent (eventhough heavily opinionated), you are completely off topic if you’re looking to sell on ThemeForest in my opinion. Buyers will be looking for finished templates, they do not want to puth their hands in it, they want a ready to go frontend to connect with their backend, when they are buying site / admin templates. The Figma category is growing but you need to offer finished designs that are using your UI kit, with different styles, coherent color scheme, strong typography / imagery and an accurate usage of spacing and alignment. You should at leat offer landing page variations, and inner pages, as well with variations like about, contact, pricing, blog list, blog post etc … The UI kit would only be in addition to the main pages. That’s probably the way you want to go if you want to get an (very hypothetical) approval on ThemeForest.