Hard Rejection this! WHY??

The market is saturated, but not for the templates with 3d animation, specially with character animation. Because of the scarcity and the high cost to produce them, it doesn’t make sense that the reviewer is such critical on them.

And I know what you are saying, that due to the saturation of the market, the level of colaboration in the forum has changed. Now is fight to survive. Even for the elite authors.

I’m not just fighting for my project, what I’m saying is that templates with 3d animation are very different than templates purely made in after effects.

romlam, did your first project have 3d work at this level? I think you are not seeing my point. And the fact that I’m new contributor, doesn’t mean that I’m “new”.

In reality - No one cares. Customers don’t care how hard it takes to create any project, customers need VALUE first of all.
Frankly speaking execution in your project is worse than execution in 2nd link you’ve put for comparison.

Please, don’t take all this comments offensive, we are trying to help, to guide you.

Exactly! I think the one who doesn’t understand what I’m saying is you.

Ok, I won’t tell anything anymore. If you don’t take what several Elite Authors are talking about, so no reason to explain further.
Good Luck!

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LOL. It makes no difference whether you are doing a project with or without 3D elements. The project just has to be good.
I wrote “first entered the market” and not “new”. I came to the market with many years of experience in design. Just markets have their own characteristics about which new authors may not know. If you think that you are a genius, and everyone else is just stupid people, then our further discussion does not make sense :man_facepalming:

Rejection threads like this are the reason elite authors don’t reply anymore.
I know rejection is hard, but if you don’t want to hear what is wrong, then don’t open up a thread just to whine about the rejection.

The execution is lacking. Period.


romlam when I was saying “new” I wasn’t talking about you, but about me. And I didn’t say anything about that you are stupid. I meant that I don’t know about your background, but mine is quite experienced as 3d Generalist above all, and I also have been looking at the marketplace for quite a while, I’m not exactly “new” here. And if you were rejected first time doesn’t mean that I have to be rejected too, don’t you think?

And yes there is a difference on a complete template with 3d animation like I did, for the reasons I have indicated above if you read it.

:man_facepalming: When I wrote “our further discussion does not make sense”, I meant that our further discussion does not make sense. It means that our further discussion does not make sense.
PS: And I see that I was right

Oh I see, your conversation was about genius and stupid, and the nonsense, yeah not worth it.

To be honest, I think you should be very thankful and feel fortunate that several Elite Authors on here (some of whom have not displayed their badges… you know who you are!) have taken their time to personally respond to you, and have voluntarily continued to do so, offering constructive criticism and detailed points on how you can improve your project. I humbly applaud them for their continued positive contributions both in the marketplace and on these forums.

With that said, your 3D modeling seems to be good, but the animation of the Santa and camera movement needs work. IMO, Santa seems robotic and needs a more fun (and human) personality. The camera motion is not smooth. The end typography, to be blunt, is pretty bad. If typography is not your thing, you might want to ask a pro print designer for suggestions. And as others here have already stated, the “star spiraling around the tree” theme has been done many times already. If you want to do it again and convince the Envato reviewers to approve it, let alone people to pay you money for it, they have to gasp and say, “Wow, that was absolutely awesome!”

Your argument about other “lesser quality” projects getting approved ahead of yours unfortunately does not mean much. First off, you should be comparing yourself to creators who are better than you instead. That’s how you can improve and learn to be more successful.

Second, you should be focusing your time and energy on something unique and/or making sure your projects are polished off. Assuming your goal is to make money off your work, even if your project gets past the approval stage, that does not mean it will automatically guarantee you sales. Nobody cares how much blood/sweat/tears you poured into your work or what kind of expensive software/technologies you used. The reality is most people buy what looks/sounds good to them. As just one example, check out PMWA’s (aka Maxim Paramonov) Christmas projects. His 3D swirling stars and Santa animations, integrated with his original music scores, are what you are competing against for my and my clients’ Christmas marketing budgets.

Lastly, you should not get so hung up on getting rejected, whether it was soft, hard, or whatever other terminology there is. Being rejected is not fun, but is a part of life (I think most especially so in the design industry) and should be taken as a learning experience. Venting about it on a public platform is not going to make you any friends or earn you any customers. Get up, brush yourself off, take the free notes that successful people have given you, and try to do better next time.


Being an author. I had fewer rejections too. With the time changing we need to improve quality and uniqueness in templates. So if the project will be approved and it will get 2 or 3 sales. But that does not mean your item is good. By coming to this marketplace i have learned technicality and usefulness is the main essentials for template business. If you spend one month on a project and its not that much usable to purchase then you will end up with time waste. All authors are here is helping not saying against you. You cant be able to survive this much of aggressiveness over your projects. Please use the same fighting spirit for your next project. Good luck

My opinion is that your project looks very cool.
Many write that the project will be sold at most 3-5 times, but this is not their business.
Many substandard projects were approved, why my project, which is above quality, was rejected.
And why should I look at the best projects and spend more time if a low-quality project is approved and projects are sold.
There are people who have 10000+ projects and 500-1000 sales and their projects go through, but the work quality is terrible.
I wish you more sales.

LOOOOOL. This is a paradox. It cannot be. I think you do not understand what you are talking about. Even a robot could not do 10,000+ projects, even for 10 years. Show us this MEGA author, please. I want to see his portfolio :slight_smile:

Obviously, he was talking about footages, but how this is relevant to this topic idk


So? It is stock footage/motion graphics portfolio, not AE templates. How is this relevant to the topic?

It’s not stock footage this is motion graphic this is 3D also.

It is different category, so different values are considered in review process