Hard Rejection : the codebase feels completely unfinished and rushed.

I have created OTP login & registration with Resend OTP & full admin access & control
6 SMS gateway supported & with custom http api option almost 99% of SMS gateway support within just a minute of copy api url and save it.
Full Admin & User Demo.
1st time they said its a soft reject because they need credential to test after i provide all the things and mention even in script after testing it they said
Hard Reject : the codebase feels completely unfinished and rushed.

I am sharing admin & demo credential with all of the authors so please help me.
Admin Demo Credential
Email : super@admin.com
Password : 123456
Note : In Demo version you cannot change Admin Email and Password.
Admin Link : https://yupok.com/sendsms/admin/

User Demo Credential
Mobile : User Mobile Number.
OTP : 7777
Note : In demo version OTP should be 7777 on when OTP required.
User Link : https://yupok.com/sendsms/

Documentation link : https://yupok.com/sendsms/documentation/

If any help regarding hard reject 2nd time would be appreciated


I think that this comment is clear enough and does not require additional explanation.
Most likely your code is poor quality and difficult to modify.

But @Codewayfarer i have used complete procedural pdo language and sanitize all the data which prevent xss and sql injection.