Hard rejection, technical standards?

Dear all, I have been submitting new items to AudioJungle and keep hard rejected. I was really believing in my latest submission (link you can find below). But unfortunately, again hard rejected :slight_smile: I appreciate if somebody can comment on the song and give info on these so-called “technical standards”. All the best and good luck to you in your submissions. Peace!

I´m not at home (phone listening), but i think the main problem is the quality of the libraries, sound too midi.

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I see your point, thanks for the comment @Manriquedelara. This strings plugin is one of the top-sellers in my DAW’s shop. But yes, maybe not the best…

also, pretty not commercial melodies, all in all not a hit!

you can do better soundvolcano! this sounds like 80s game music

study some new fresh music and learn from them, you make nice music, but it needs a lot of work


Thanks for the motivating words @Pandocrator. I keep digging, hope it will work for me. There are plenty of Youtube videos but can you suggest any other musical platforms that I can improve myself by studying, learning? Any suggestions appreciated.

you need to get better sample libraries. and learn a bit about mixing and how to make a nice result. it needs surely a lot of practice! keep it up

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… and it reminded me of music from a Chinese 8-bit game, such as “Contra”

By the way, it’s because of the sounds! If this were to be heard in the sound of Hans Zimmer, there would be a completely different perception! And it doesn’t matter at all how well a given bank of sounds sells, the main thing is how much it fits this style of music!

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Thanks @ASPrecords, what I got is I have to think the mix and sound selection parts as a whole while producing cinematics pieces. Good luck with your productions. All the best.

I was looking for more descriptive responses like LUFS values or alike when submitting to AudioJungle from experienced authors. As far as I know, for commercial releases -13 to -15 LUFS is ok. But for AudioJungle I am not sure. Another parameter that I am familiar is the loudness measured in SPAN. Low and high end values should be around -30dB’s on average in general when measured in SPAN. Anybody has advice for these parameters (or even more parameters are welcome) as AudioJungle standards? I would be glad if experienced authors could elaborate on these… I could not find any resources from AudioJungle side. If anybody knows, greatly appreciated.