Hard rejection reasons / Hints please.

So i just my Hard Rejection mail today and i was hoping for some advice / help and what was the reasons of rejection.

It’s a photography wordpress theme and here is the link


Hi there:

Bad colors, error images sutterstock, typography, watermark photo, etc you design is too basic need learning more for approved.

Good Luck.

I was intentionally using watermarked sutterstock photo’s since its a demo website, Colors are customizable from the admin panel.

Can i be provided with more information from the mod team please?

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Hello, I am sorry to hear that your file was rejected.

Unfortunetely, the mods cannot help with official items rejections reasons. We are here only to help keeping the forums clean from spam, bad language, rude behaviour, things like this.

If you would like an official explanation for the rejection, you should contact directly Envato Support.

Otherwise, we, the mods, can provide feedback too, but only as simple authors, nothing official.

I am sure there are a lot of themeforest authors who will help with useful feedback here :slight_smile:

All the best!


Hello @illuctopy , i have been through your link, here is what I can say :

  • Watermarked photos: absolutely a big NO

  • Bad color combination

  • Typeface and typography need a lot of work

  • You have one page and little or no features, a lot of free themes offer a lot more than you do with this one

  • Low design creativity, you need to improve aesthetics and to add more pages

  • Spacing and alignment issues

For the moment, you have quite some improvement to achieve before you can be approved. Study we design and get inspiration from already approved items.

Regards !