Hard Rejection Reason

Hello everyone,

We’d like to get some help identifying what the issue might be with our submission.
This is the third time we get a hard rejection, no constructive feedback from Evanto.

This is a link for what we submit including html description, product user guide and images.

You can know more about the product itself here:

Your help would be much appreciated.

Regardless of being a non-exclusive author I am not sure you would be allowed to run a demo on envato which offers direct purchase from elsewhere

Also, unless we’re missing it there is no actual demo of the widgets/example sites etc. just a bunch of images of what they look like? That is going to be an absolute necessity

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for your reply,

The images in the Google Drive zip file are a representation of what’s inside the Sketch file customers are buying including wireframes, components and symbols. since there is almost a thousand components in the Sketch file, we’re unable to preview all of them.

We also tried posting longer images to preview more elements but we thought maybe that’s why we got a rejection, we went with 900x900 as Evanto requires, even though most publishers do not honor that.
example here: https://themeforest.net/item/arion-admin-dashboard-ui-kit-sketch-template/23432569

To clarify, we are not posting a demo on Evanto, but the entire product.
There is a demo on Sketch Cloud for everything, authors in the UI Design / Sketch category don’t provide it, but we tried providing it in our first trial and still got a rejection

To be more precise, here is another product providing wireframes for Sketch.

We’ll try posting longer image (Similar to the link above) with every layout in the product, hopefully thats what it’s about.

Ah ok - thought it was a fucntioning website builder

Still not sure about the demo offering purchase elsewhere but otherwise it looks ok to me