Hard rejection over here. I would be very grateful for some feedback on this!

Hello everyone! I’m a new author around here and, as it might be common, a little bit lost in regards to reviews and rejections. These two tracks seemed very usable at first. But, after the rejections I feel lost as I don’t seem to find the faults that are perhaps pretty obvious to you.

I would be very VERY grateful to anyone that could send me some feedback and perspective on anyone (or both :wink: ) of the tracks. Any kind of advice will be most welcomed!

Yet again, thank you all and good luck with your sales. Cheers!

Both tracks are very nice ideas. Great thinking about how to develop a track and have some original elements. But they are sketches, don’t sound like finished productions.

The further you progress in arranging a track, the more difficult it becomes to find a perfectly fitting sound/instrument. For example, in The Uplifting Corporate the electric guitar is having distortion which sounds too “unfriendly” for the track, would need to be more lush. Same principle applies to most elements in your tracks: instruments are not polished enough, don’t sit in the mix or don’t support the idea well and become a distraction. The choice of particular sounds seems a bit random at times.

Each element of your mix needs work. I don’t think that’s the case of some little thing in particular being the reason for rejection. I’d say it’s about the overall unfinished impression. Just keep improving your production skills by finishing more tracks. Again, the ideas are good!


Thank you very very VERY much for this!! Your perspective has just put me into work again. Thanks!!!

Let the opinion from a passing by listener, not an expert. Emotion In Human Technology is cool in it’s melodic idea’s mood. But I’m distracted from it by all the rest sound issues.

The strings tremolo is promising some creepy tension. But it’s abrupted and leads to nowhere. While the gentle bells’ melody continues it’s own song. The same with low rising noise: it promises something to happen in that low registers but leads to nowhere again…

As a result: so many different elements like tensive tremolos, trap drums, Burial’s dubstepish wobbles, classic tech synth, soft lounge piano, oldschool filter sweeps etc… are not friends here, they are fighting each for it’s own mood and genre. Just imagine how hard to find the video to suit all of those events! They are just too different in my opinion.

If I was a musician, I’d step back to main idea which is great (2;28) to develop it and avoid to invite anything from too distant planets. I think it can be cool and usable song.

Such first impression. :wink:

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Thank you so much! I’ll be taking these points with me on my next tracks. Again, thank you for your words and for sharing both your impressions and your point of view!

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