Hard rejection on this tune, feedback please.

Hi everybody.

This tune just got rejected, could I ask for some feedback on it?



Before I sy anything, I am new on Envato (and AJ) and have yet to upload my first track. So I do not have any authority on this platform.

But I believe it has to do with the general mixdown of your track. It sounds rather ‘small’. Try smoothening the synths with reverb, compress the kick a bit and maybe let it blend in more with the track.

In terms of the track, maybe it will also help to add more variation to it. Try to build a bridge in the track, put some breaks in there.

You can check out some tut’s on YouTube, there will be countless video’s explaing how you can widen and beef up your track.

Hope it will help!

Cheers and good luck,


I totally agree with what @WolfpackBranding said (and I am a beginner here as well :))

The track needs to be “beefed up”, but also, the different instruments need some “glue”, like a bus compressor.

And also, the repetitive synth that we hear from the beginning… this single note… it could be cool, but it is always there, with no change in volume, no filtering, and it gets irritating after some time. (this would be the main problem in the tune to my ears!)

I would also say that the bass should enter way more early in the song.