Hard Rejection on my Theme without any feedback

Hi :wave:,

I uploaded my theme twice the first time I uploaded it ThemeForest gave me feedback, but after I completed all the feedback and change almost all of my UI then try to upload it again the ThemeForest just Hard Rejected it in just 2 days after I uploaded it without any feedback messages.

Please can anyone help me why my item was rejected here is my website https://pixel-enterprise-release.smartpixel.id/ any help would be appreciated.

Thank you so much.

It doesnโ€™t look bad - it is just a bit basic and lacking in premium level value/features/functionality.

  • the portfolio items are very basic and could be improved a lot

  • considered alternative layouts for portfolio

  • perhaps add a blog/post page

Hi Charlie, Thank you so much for your feedback is so helpful, I will try to improve it and add a new page too because I think that is a good idea