Hard rejection on my first 3 files. Looking for feedback on my next files please :)


Hi Guys!

I am new to selling vectors online. I uploaded 3 vectors a few days ago, and they have all been hard rejected (if you want to see them, two of the images used on my profile page have been rejected - Blonde girl and brunette girl with facial masks on) :pensive:

Now, I have 3 other files, but at this stage I am not sure if they would be suitable or not, so I was wondering if I can get any feedback. I won’t get offended, I just would like to know if there is a chance for my graphic in the current style and form, or if I need to step up my game or just let this one go :slightly_smiling:

Do you think the graphics below could be good enough for Graphicriver?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you!could


Sorry, I just realised that my profile here is not the same as the one where you can see the images that have been rejected, so here is the link:



hi, i personally believe that if u submit them as isolated elements that u are very likely not to be able to make it. indeed as for i know, i mean as fro i could observe , there aren"t so many characters faces like this going though reviewing , either they are part of a set or they are delivered with isolated elements so that they can be completed, modified and so …

there also maybe an issue about style, maybe “flash style” characters illustrations are more modern and trendy when this one is a bit more realistic style according to me and thus maybe not as adaptable to all needs in a way , at least i think so

this is just the way i feel , i hope u have other answers and can determine what is best for u :slight_smile: GL


Thank you for taking the time to look at this and write your opinion, I really appreciate it!