Hard Rejection on Jazz track

Hello Envato

This is my first time posting about a hard rejection from AudioJungle.
I would love some feedback on the track in order to know what I could improve to make it more appealing to AJ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Lukano, this track will have been rejected by around 0:17, because reviewers make a quick evaluation of a track’s overall commercial appeal as quickly as possible when listening, and they are starting to form an impression in those first seconds. Firstly, the bass doesn’t sound ultra realistic, and then when that piano comes in, it sounds a bit harsh, but the evidence for rejecting is probably consolidated when the sax(?) comes in at 0:17. It does not sound realistic, and the note bend sounds unpleasant. Reviewers will usually instantly reject tracks where the instruments sound like general midi sounds.
Recorded well, with real instruments you could probably make something of the track, but as it is, the overall impression is that of less than professional quality, and in addition, though of course there is a market for jazz, the track doesn’t have overall commercial appeal in its current form. I’d suggest to listen to music of a similar style, on tv advertising, and try to notice what is different in the quality of instrument sounds, production, and appealing melodies. How does your track compare?


Thank you for the honest feedback, AndySlatter :slight_smile:

I’ll have to listen to some more tracks, indeed. To get an idea of how to mix my own tracks more suitable.

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Try using the Swing! and Swing More! libraries from ProjectSAM.


@STEREUM Even if he did invest the $800 or so dollars in those libraries, they would not have any effect on the usability of this track. Saxophone players do not bend pitches upward. Not after the initial attack. Ever. Period.

@MelodicEscapism My advice: Lose the saxes altogether. Try the melody with vibraphone instead. Don’t play down to a C on the upright bass; that note doesn’t exist on real instruments. E or in rare cases D is as low as you should ever go. Raise the level of the drums. Bring the piano comping in much earlier. Cut the “improvisation” way down or eliminate it entirely.


Thank you, EightBall.

I’ll definitely work some more with the track.

And thanks for the theoretic perspective as well!

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