Hard rejection on HTML Resume template

Hi there, folks, here’s an html theme that has just been rejected: http://www.fvimagination.com/demos/jamie/livePreview/landing.html

Can anyone give me some feedback about how I may improve it, or if it has something wrong to get rejected?
Thanks so much!

Looks everything OK on mobile…
Is it hard rejected?

yep, and as usual we don’t exactly know why, they just send a standard pre-made email like: “It’s off of the standards of the marketplace”.
It’s really frustrating, becausr you wait 25 days for a review and then get a rejections, fix something and after 1 month you get another rejection, for what reason? who knows :slight_smile:

I really like it. The typography is great imo.

There is a glitch however on a retina MBP 13"

And some menu elements shifts a few pixels down when i click on it.

But not sure if this is the reason of rejection.

Still. Great template.

P.S. Send me a message please when you’ll fix all the issues and it will be approved. I will buy it.

Theme looks good to me.

I guess main rejection reason might be validation errors on W3. Check this out:

Thanks so much, well we hope they will approve it soon or later, you never know with them, we’v e submitted this template twice, plus another one, and they always rejected after 25 days of waiting time :frowning:
Anyway, you may contact us privately if you want this template and we’ll talk about it without waiting for the frustrating review time :wink:

Ok, thanks so much, so you think they check that out too when they have to review a html theme?

Ok, but i want to be sure its bug free :wink:

Sure, we’ll fix that glitch and so you’ll check the preview link again, if you’ll like it, we’ll talk about it.

PS: please tell me the exact dimensions of the MPB 13", so we’ll check the issue out on Chrome. Thanks!

Though, i suggest you to fix all the errors in the code such as @salttechno pointed above and upload it again anyway. Im sure you will get a lot of customers once it’ll be approved. Good luck!

P.S. I’ve mailed you details of my display.

thanks, got it, i appreciate your support.

I’ve resubmitted that template after fixing all the errors, let’s see what will happen in 25 days from now :smiley:

Perhaps because of a script error:

If that’s the case, I would be amazed by Envato reviewers, because the Google Map works perfectly and the code comes from Google map API, so I can’t change it otherwise it won’t work. They can’t reject a template that just works fine.

There should be way to clear up this problems into browser. I am new, my project is still under review. Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Good luck to you as well! :wink:

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