Hard rejection on Gatsby blog template

My Gatsby blog template was rejected, I would like to know what makes it not standard quality and not able to resubmit even if it’s modified. I want to know what I did wrong so I can avoid it next time. Here is a preview

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Hello sir,

You can improve the layout in general for better presentation. For example, there are 3 images in the first fold of the page, but in the second line there could be 3 to fill the layout.

In the second fold, try to fill it too, so that you have 8 articles.

There is no footer in your theme, nor a sidebar, it would be interesting to add it to improve navigation by the user.

On the “About” page, try to improve the image, it is very heavy.

Within the articles, the crop of the main image cuts an important part of the image …

The rejection can come for many things, even if there is something very similar at Envato.

Will this theme be HTML or wordpress?

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Hi sir,

Thank you very much for the feedback. The first fold takes up to 5 posts for featured posts while the second can take as many as possible with pagination.

By sidebar do you mean a mobile navigation? Because there is one, it is responsive. I also plan on adding a footer and other demos for the theme but I was surprised when I was told I won’t be able to resubmit in the rejection

It is built with reactjs and Gatsby. Thanks for the feedback again. it’s my first time posting a product here so I was expecting a rejection tho :slight_smile:


Ok, I want to add something. The tablet view Is the same as the mobile view. Please correct this huge responsive issue.

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Ohh wow thank you for that

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I hope you can implement some changes to make your theme more commercial, and can be used by many people.

The sidebar I was referring to is within publications, we generally add a sidebar so that navigation is as fluid as possible.


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Sorry for replying your comment late, as I have been busy trying to upgrade the item for another submission. Thank you for the feedback

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Not bad, I like the layouts but this still feels bland and unfinished with unsufficient attention to details. Your typography, for a blog focused template, is very weak. Also provide more pages and layouts. Best.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback. It’s my first item here on envato. I was told in the email I won’t be able to resubmit this item, does this mean ever? or I should upgrade it ?

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Well, in reality you can try to re-upload It, but It Need to be a COMPLETLY different template. That Mean that you Need to improve, change and upgrade almost everthing. If you Will try to resubmit the item again without any big or significant change, You will be penalized and perhaps your account will be blocked. Pay attention.

Okay thanks