Hard Rejection of WP theme. Give me feedback please.

Hello, guys! Here’s my rejected theme: http://webdesign-finder.com/canabro/
Please, tell me what You think about it. It was soft rejected and (as it was rejected pretty quick) I think it is about design…
Will be very pleased for any advice. I know than I can’t upload it again, but i need to know for future… Thank You.


The design is basic, Needs improvements in several ways

  1. Use of fonts

  2. No need to use shadow

  3. Limited design (No shortcodes except few etc)

  4. Fonts over the slider are too narrow

  5. Lack of premium look

& Much much more, Good luck with your future entry :slight_smile:

Thank’s, buddy. I’ll pay attention at this…

A lot of WordPress themes have a much worse design than yours.
I think you got a hard reject for ethical reasons… Too much c*nnabis.

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Agree :rofl:

Because of C*nnabis :smile: