Hard rejection of my track: Love, Dreams and Emotions

Harsh rejection of an instrumental piece:

I don’t understand it, employees of two privileged recording studios don’t understand it. Why has this track been rejected hard ? I ask for help, I don’t want to make mistakes next time. Thanks in advance. Here is a Example video with own watermark ( three ) in the music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqHFRtXyHm8
Ps: Of course I used the audiojungle watermark when uploading the music to Envato.

Hello! I think the main problem is harmony and melody. These chords, combined with the melody, are too experimental. It starts the moment the guitar enters. Bass and violins did not clarify and completely confused. I could not relax. To me it sounds like cacafonia. Maybe a mistake in the guitar. I do not have absolute ear for music to pinpoint the problem. Maybe someone will write.

Of course I don’t know the exact reasons Audiojungle used to reject. My subjective impressions are that the mix sounds very thin and something lacking in the frequencies… maybe too much EQ? Is the piano a sampled one or synthesized? To me it sounds like a synthesized piano, like one of the basic DAW piano sounds. The drum sounds a bit too much like a machine. Here’s a quick example I made of a Native Instruments sampled piano: https://soundcloud.com/lewisbe/ni-grandeur/s-Z5WyuujL0gE.

But to me the biggest problem is the thin sound of the mix, it’s like someone put an EQ over it that cut out most of the body. The guitar could sound good if it was a little more warm and rounded in frequency, with more punch. If you have Ozone standalone, try exporting a mix without EQ, open it in Ozone, and run the Master Assistant.

Thank you very much for the answer.

Thank you very much for your answer.