Hard rejection of a theme that has been approved in other categories.

Yesterday I had a hard rejection in my Wordpress theme. Demo: Nemesis – Minimal Blog WordPress Theme
The item has been approved in HTML and Blogger.
The reviewer has given me some pictures that show what the problem is.


Is there a possibility if I make the changes needed, to resubmit the product with the same name or do I have to change the entire code?

Any suggestion regarding the changes is welcomed.

Get in touch with support and specially with your reviewer and look into the rejection issue

I hope you’ll get the issue as rectified

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I think they just don’t like that it’s colorful. Colors distract the user from reading the content. Contact page looks a bit generic and footer has blurry logo. Also icons in navbar are not visually balanced and have a small spacing, again can be difficult for the user to tap/click them. Just my observation :slight_smile:

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