Hard rejection: need your feedback, advice (closed)

Hello friends!
None of my items were accepted with the note “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”
What is your opinion why reviewers did not like that? Is the problem exclusively in mixing, mastering or in the musical content itself? Thank you in advance! :wink:


I got exactly the same yesterday. All 5 rejected. All accepted on other libraries too.

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Hi there. Just passing by. Still a rookie in all these AJ things. But perhaps it gives you some perspective.

Corporate Hope Demo:
At 0:32 starts a synth and, in my humble and honest opinion, at o:54 it becomes rather heavy on the mids and center. I don’t imagine someone speaking on top of that. Guess it’s an equalization thing.

Something similar happens with Inspiring Motivation Background

Sad Dramatic Emotional Piano:
I would add a sustain pedal to the piano on the left hand. The combination of instrumetns and the way they are played sound a bit robotic to me. But the idea sounds good!

I very much like your ideas. I would polish the sounds and eq a bit. And leave some space to be filled. Always. So that the track can breathe

I’ve got to go now! Hope this helps in any way!


Greetings! Thank you very much, I will definitely listen to your advice!
But it seems to me that these small details are a matter of taste. Can they be limited to some kind of strict standard? Maybe some other proble: the technical characteristics FRC of mixes, or something else…

Alas, who would know exactly what the reason …:thinking: