hard rejection Need Help!

After a review lasting more than 2 days
hard rejection
Without mentioning the reason
please help me to improve
here is my template


Demo link doesn’t work.

Thank you
It works now without a problem


I had a hard rejection a few months back and I can see the same mistakes in your theme, the overall design and concetp is not good enough for themeforest, this days only unuque and exceptional themes are approved.

Just look at the latest approved themes and you will see a huge difference in quality between your theme and what is approved.

Please take this in a constructive way and fight for it if, my advice is to get a good designer that understands how themeforest works and what is required and rebuilt your theme the right way.

Good luck I know it feels bad but you can improve so much if you fight this, I know I did.

Thank you

What same mistakes do you see?

This are general ovservations.

Outdated design.

Boring concept , nothing unique or original about it, it has been done too many times before.

Bad font combining.

Typography issues.

And I could go on with more.

You will never get approved a theme like this one on themeforest, the standards now are very high.

Just trying to help, again please take this in a constructive way.

Hi, your item design is similar to already personal CV designs in the market. may be the reason for hard reject for you.
you may see the below link of similar items.

you should to some change and unique in your product.

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