Hard Rejection Laravel Application - Need Help

I have uploaded my application easy ticket on the codecanyon and the item is rejected in just 20 min, even though I have followed up on each and every coding guideline.

Website URL - https://easy-ticket.maticodairy.com/
Documentation - Getting Started - Easy Ticket

Looking for help, with folded hand, this application has months of hard work.

Any suggestion/Help will be highly appreciated.

A good design is also required. If the project doesn’t come with the design ( it’s the first thing the reviewers check ) then they will reject the code ( soft/hard )

Thanks @ki-themes for looking into my application, I have provided a clear and easy theme, if they have concerned with theme, they must have put inside the soft reject.

Design is no good. It won’t get accepted with this design approach. You should consider to find some graphic designer if you’d like to get your items approval. Next project would end as hard rejected if you keep continue this design approach

@ki-themes but I have seen designs worse than what @codehunger have here and it was approved. why would a neat minimalistic design be a problem for codecanyon reviewers? don’t you think that should be below functionality and usability especially when it is a neat minimalistic design?

Hello @evolutioneerbeyond , thanks for looking into our application and sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate it.

I don’t have any issue with the rejection of my product, what I want from them at least give the reason for the hard rejection that what they won’t like in our application so, that we can’t repeat our mistake.

Because here we are just guessing that UI is not correct or functionality is not sufficient, but we don’t know the actual cause.

Even though I have tried to get the reason via email, they just said we can’t tell the reason.

This behavior is completely rude, and they never understand someone’s hard work.

Anyways, thanks again for looking into my issue.

Would you mind to send me the items via PM/DM? I don’t mind to check but general issue with “those items” are usually approved at least one or more year before.

For the comment here

These are the latest approved similar items.

Let’s assume the coding is exactly same, which one would you prefer to buy? If you don’t see the importance of the design, it’s your choice to keep coding the same way.

Look for this application design https://demo.resumaine.com/

their design is pretty good but got rejected, and if you see on the codecanyon approval products, all authors are elite author,

But anyway if code canyon starts giving reviews on the hard rejected product, it will be helpful for the author, to create great applications.

Otherwise, this discussion always ends with no clue.

thanks for your time @ki-themes

Share the CC/TF link.

Who is the author? Given it’s already for sale elsewhere it would be interesting to see if the author is meant to be exclusive.

The point is that approval is about everything not just good design or good code alone, but even then there are numerous other reasons that at an item could be rejected such as issues with uploaded files, documentation, market suitability etc.

As for feedback on every submission 70% Author get Hard Rejection please Update Policy and share Reason we want to fix issue and sell - #3 by charlie4282

For reference it has nothing to do with an author being elite - that simply proves that they have invested the time in learning what premium value and presentation looks like.

Hi @charlie4282 thanks for joining our conversation, and I saw you have added your reply with a very point. that approval is about everything not just good design or good code alone, but even then there are numerous other reasons that at an item could be rejected such as issues with uploaded files, documentation, and market suitability

In this point, you have highlighted 3 points

  1. uploaded files
  2. documentation
  3. market suitability

Now my point is at least for the hard rejection, codecanyon can write that the uploaded files are not correct with a link please see it
or documentation is not proper with a link
or your product is not fit for market suitability.

because in my case I have uploaded the product and it’s just rejected in 10 min which means the author definitely has seen something in the start of the first 5 min, and I am pretty sure that my product documentation, code everything is perfect because this is my 3rd script in row which got the rejection.

So to add the reply over hard rejection took an extra 10 min, but it will make a good community, otherwise, it gives me the feeling that Code Canyon is very rude in behavior.

And I know codecanyon is a huge monopoly in the market, but on the other side codestor is also doing well and growing its traffic every month.

As no one will be king forever.


Multiply that by thousands of submissions most of which have bigger problems and the queue will become a month long.

If the reviewer told you that it was not suitable for the marketplace. Then what? How many authors will take that feedback and understand why it’s not suitable or what to consider to fix it.

See our replies on the other thread - how things work is the only way to remain fair and to prevent more frustration and confusion for everyone.

As per query above - who is the author for the example resumaine you gave?

Looking at the item that you had rejected it seems obvious the potential issues.

AH Tickets - Help Desk and Support Tickets System by Tatwerat-Team is not massively different and next to no sales because the design is not great, the functionality is limited and there are a ton of better and purpose built ticket solutions out there that offer first class execution (an example of market suitability and sales potential).

Take something newer Zaidesk - Customer Support System | Helpdesk | Support Ticket. by zainiktheme (still no sales because there’s limited demand .v. the off the shelf software), and consider the significantly more extensive features and improved demo presentation.

Or this HelpDesk - Online Ticketing System with Website - ticket support and management by W3BD - similar story.

With respect to anyone’s hard work, if authors cannot invest time to make an item as good as it can be or cannot see the differences then no amount of reviewer feedback is going to change that.

why should I tell you the author’s name, he doesn’t have any interest to sell his product on codecanyon, he is getting good sales from another marketplace.

Being rejected every time for the same reason is far better than being accepted somewhere.

Then at least Code Canyon has to make way where he can collect some money from the author, to give the brief details, that where we are lacking,

if you see the software uploaded in last one or two year’s almost 90% of them are elite author, who already earned a billion milestone.
So definitely new author will not match their levels.

Anyways codecanyon is a marketplace, where everyscipt must be accepted who doesn’t have any bugs/ having good readable documentation.

thanks a lot for giving your time over this conversation @charlie4282

have a wonderful day !

There’re some authors I know ( I saw their achievements on the forum ) those who’s pretty new in the marketplace made good sale.

Most likely they know how to reach the quality standards but believe me I’m aware of that some of their items are being rejected as well as they are selling those items on their website.

The fact that this is not the case is exactly what has made envato the main marketplace online.

Approving every item = lower quality and less sales for everyone.

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Exactly now you comes on the actual point, then I think codecanyon must have to close some category,

Let’s suppose ticket system already has 20 + script, then codecanyon must have to say we are not accepting much script for this category. understood what I am trying to say.

so this idea will give sales to the existing one, on the other new author is also aware if he create a new ticket system it won’t be accepted.