Hard Rejection Laravel Application - Need Help

I have uploaded my application easy ticket on the codecanyon and the item is rejected in just 20 min, even though I have followed up on each and every coding guideline.

Website URL - https://easy-ticket.maticodairy.com/
Documentation - Getting Started - Easy Ticket

Looking for help, with folded hand, this application has months of hard work.

Any suggestion/Help will be highly appreciated.

A good design is also required. If the project doesn’t come with the design ( it’s the first thing the reviewers check ) then they will reject the code ( soft/hard )

Thanks @ki-themes for looking into my application, I have provided a clear and easy theme, if they have concerned with theme, they must have put inside the soft reject.

Design is no good. It won’t get accepted with this design approach. You should consider to find some graphic designer if you’d like to get your items approval. Next project would end as hard rejected if you keep continue this design approach