Hard rejection - Is my track that bad?

Hello, guys! My track was hard rejected again and I wanted to ask your opinion, what is wrong with it. I tried to upload different kinds of music and they were rejected as well, so I made some research on music of other authors selling their tracks here and read some articles about composition principles of royalty free music.
Here is what I came up with -

I also included 4 shorter variations of this track.
I know, this track is pretty simple and it is not ideal but in my research I stumbled upon many tracks and quality of those tracks varies very hard. So the quality standard is pretty misleading for me.
Can you, please, tell me what am I doing wrong and what should I work on?

Здравствуй, Дмитрий! Поработай над балансом громкости инструментов

Здравствуйте, Сергей! Спасибо за ответ! Но хотелось бы более конкретного анализа.

Попробуй немного убавить саб бас. Он перебивает весь трек. Бочку плохо слышно. Скорей всего опять же из за саба. Саксофон и спиккато звучит сами по себе нормально но из трека выделяются громкостью. Особенно саксофон

Спасибо большое! Вы думаете, проблема по большей части в балансе и если его поменять, есть шанс, что трек примут?

Я думаю Вы заметите разницу если доработаете хотя бы это. Если будете не уверены то можете так же разместить здесь на оценку. В какой жанр планируете загружать?

Да, думаю, размещу здесь перед публикацией, спасибо! В Corporate размещал в прошлый раз.

One idea is to keep it shorter. After the sax comes in it feels you move into a different kind of track. Remember that lots of buyers are looking for background music so be careful when introducing elements that draw a lot of attention.
Good luck!

Thank you, CWMusic! I added live sax because I read in some tips, that live instrument adds more originality to your track, but probably it stands out too much here. Do you think it will be better if I’ll cut sax part out entirely and go to strings right away?

Rejection is not a good experience, trust me, I’ve been there :frowning: As for your track, I don’t find anything really wrong with it, but maybe the arrangements could be a bit improved. The saxophone is indeed original and it sounds real, but in my opinion it needs something to back it up, specially the second time it appears, when the song should reach the climax. I think the song would be greatly improved with some kind of backing pad or string arrangement to give it depth. Also, I think it lacks a proper ending. Listen to the best selling tracks around here, they are my greatest inspiration!

Thank you for your kind words and ideas, Dockelecktro!
I’m working on improving this track now - balancing it up and making some other tweaks. I will think how to improve the ending as well, thanks! I’ll post results here and will be glad to hear your opinion again!

Hello again and thanks for your help everybody!
Here is new version of my track.

I tweaked balance and made some minor arrangement changes - changed sound and pattern of arpeggiator - made it simpler, changed bass and its volume, moved sax part down an octave and made it more quiet to merge it with the mix. Also I changed the coda a little bit - not too much, but it’s a little bit more logical now in my opinion.
If you have some time, please let me know, if it’s better now or if I’m moving in wrong direction. Again, thanks a lot!

Sounds better now than your first mix. But still too much in the low end in my opinion. Try another kick drum, that kick does not work in my opinion… The staccato strings are too present and the frequencies from the piano and the strings do not working well together.
The sax is too loud - try to raise it up in the higher frequencies. Find the sweet spot for the sax with your EQ. Push that sweet spot a bit, then pull the sax volume down. The mallet sound has too much in the lower end.
What I missed was the percussion. You’re using only a kickdrum and a cymbal during the whole song. You could add a strummed guitar to provide a bit more variety. At 01:09 I would come in with a discreet snare and Hihat.
You song sounding a bit dull. Try to separate the frequencies a bit, place your instruments better in the stereo field, add a bit of saturation.
That’s what I would try. Don’t give up. You can do that.