Hard Rejection in WordPress

Hello to all! Received a hard rejection in WordPress: “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”
I am don’t understand what is/are the reason (s) behind this rejection! It will be very much appreciated if someone suggest something


It will be very helpful if you post the demo link of your rejected item.


Hi, I posted, but for a long time there was no answer and I started the changes. The font was everywhere like in a slider Josefin Sans


Doesn’t look bad, but you should work more on spacing, alignment, and typography, try to use different or some of the standard fonts.

Thanks for your feedback, very helpful!

You made a great work. The design if of high quality. I don’t see any issue with it, so maybe the problem is that it’s too generic and maybe some mobile issue.


  1. Add some special area, something unique with interactive features, on the main homepage.
  2. Check the mobile.
  3. You can improve the quality of the footer and of nav

Thanks for your feedback. I did not expect hard rejection, but I will improve, thanks for the recommendations