Hard Rejection in PSD template - want your opinion and feedback

First of all, I want to thank you for deciding to spend your time helping me, I appreciate it.

This is my first attempt to enter the ThemeForest market, I wanted to start developing the WordPress micro-niche template, but first I decided to approve the design. I specifically chose a topic that is not on the market, (Landing Page for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes).

Honestly, I’m more a developer than a designer, but by all means, I want to become a professional in both areas, this is my second design in life. Please give a rating, indicate my mistakes, if this does not bother you. In any case, many thanks for reading to the end.

It is pretty good for a second design, but it is not yet on a professional level. Focus on spacing and typography, those are the basic and most important skills for a designer IMHO and you have a lot to learn in those areas. Take a look at some design inspiration sites like Dribbble and also read some articles about this topics. This is very, very important and will make a HUGE difference.

As for the going niche, it is definitely smart to make a niche design/template, but in your case, it is more like “fake” niche, because the only thing which makes your design related to jiu-jitsu are the stock images. You can just change them and you have a restaurant theme for example.
It is of course wise to try to profile your design in a certain direction, but nobody is going to be searching for a jiu-jitsu design/template. You really need to come with something more general, but at the same time unique enough. If customers won’t find your item via search, then it is like it doesn’t exists.

Good luck!

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Thanks so much for such a detailed review! You have helped me a lot and saved a lot of my time, gave me the direction to move on! I want to wish you to achieve all your goals!