Hard Rejection - I'm clueless

Hi Guys,
So my latest track has been rejected. A bit hard to take cause I was pretty sure that It’d be accepted.

It’s a bit of a mix between synthwave and soft rock, and my tracks in these styles are always validated.

So here’s the track :

Do you think it might be due to the couple odd chord changes ?
I’d appreciate any feedback.

Thanks !


I personally think that this track is ok, although I would have used a Linn Drum kit to fully adopt the synthwave sound. The guitar sounds a bit wayward at times and I probably would replace it with something else to keep the retro vibe going. The musical phrasing is interesting although the track becomes a little monotonous and thus needs some interest along the way but not guitar chords. IMHO.

Thanks for feedback mate !
But that’s precisely the thing, I wasn’t going for something that would be full on synthwave. Perhaps I should just try to reupload it with a different marketing.

Personally, so please accept my feedback with a pinch of salt, the track as is I do not think is commercially viable however making the track into a retro sounding one would stand a better chance of selling hence approval. I am not a reviewer so do not see my comments other than an observers opinion.

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it’s pretty cool mate ! Thanks I really appreciate it !