Hard rejection help

Hi we had recently been rejected (first attempt) for our wordpress multi-purpose theme. (Quality requirement)

We request your help to point the problems witch led to rejection (to avoid multiple useless submission).

May you help us ?

I have read a lot of post in this forum and it seem that 3 major issues are ofently pointed (typography, spacing, and too common designs )

So we’ve try to read things about typography, spacing but it remains a bit blurry to us :frowning:

About our designs we let you judge and tell us what is your opinion :slight_smile: … be kind but fair :slight_smile:

Also we had, since the rejection, delete an image with a famous logo mark in there, is it possible that we’ve been rejected for this particular reason ?

Website : http://opeme.theme-tation.com/

Demos :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

Things to improve

  1. Typography - It must be consistent section to section
  2. Color combination
  3. Design consistency - It feels that the major sections are not much useable.
  4. Not Proper arrangement of sections in each demos
  5. Shadow styles, Animations etc… over used.

Hope you will got approval your next item.

Thank you for your answer, we will work on this hardly :slight_smile:

What does this 2 points means please ?

  • It feels that the major sections are not much useable.
  • Not Proper arrangement of sections in each demos

Can you please explain us ? any exemple ?

Thanks again for wasting your time with us :slight_smile:

Sorry to say but, that’s very far away from being approved here. While this may be frustrating I really advice you to start a completely new project. Here are some tips:
– Try to make a small niche theme instead of multipurpose, otherwise you may waste too much time for nothing.
– Research the latest design trends as your current project looks outdated.
– Pay attention to design and design only.
– Recently it’s not enough to make simply “fairly good” design to get approved in WordPress category. It should be unique and outstanding.
– Don’t repeat “lorem ipsum” everywhere as it makes design cheaper. The good presentation is very important.
– Forget about animations and motion effects at the moment.

Here, I’m highlighted your one of App Landing Page demo. Please refer this below image.